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Made to Order Equestrian's signature trainer, Mary Berlauk, specializes in Hunters, Equitation, Jumpers, and Natural Horsemanship. We also offer lower level Dressage and introductory Western riding too. Our lessons are perfect for beginners through advanced riders.  We teach equestrians of all ages and customize our lessons to your riding and horsemanship goals!  Are you destined for the show ring or just interested in getting back in the saddle?  We can make your equestrian dreams come true.  Lesson Packages, Clinics, Showing, and Sales are also available!  Read on for all the details or contact Mary Berlauk today to discuss exactly what you are looking for! or (919) 480-6705.


MTOE Riding Lessons


Intermediate and Advanced Lessons are 45 minutes.
$40 per rider (on a rider owned/leased horse)
$50 per rider (riding a School horse)

Beginner Lessons are 1 hour.

$45 per rider (on rider owned/leased horse)
$55 per rider (riding a School horse)

A Beginner is defined as a student who needs assistance in order to catch, groom, tack, untack, etc.

All lessons include 10 miles of FREE travel to your location or are also available at our homebase. Additional mileage to your location is charged at $2.00 per mile (one-way).  Any other fees charged by the location of your lesson are additional to the lesson price.   


Lesson Packages

Lesson packages are available for those who want to take advantage of great $AVING$ and lock in their ride times by pre-purchasing their lessons!

Packages of lessons are available in 4, 8, 12, and 16 lessons per month.

Lessons must be taken within the same calendar month and must be scheduled at the date of purchase. (For example:  Every Tuesday & Thursday at 4pm)  A 16 pack of lessons can be shared among family members!

For more details and pricing, please review the MTOE Rate Schedule available in the blue column on the right.


Whatever your equestrian needs and goals, we have a Made to Order package and plan for you and your horse.  To discuss your specific needs, contact Mary Berlauk at or (919) 480-6705.

Package descriptions and pricing are provided for informational purposes only. Packages may not be combined with other special offers.  Unless otherwise noted, lesson packages are NOT transferable to other riders.  Please inquire to verify availability, details, and pricing.  (919) 480-6705 or  

MTOE Horse Training

Made to Order Equestrian offers training from the ground up! Mary Berlauk specializes in creating an amicable, amateur friendly horse. Mary Berlauk uses principles from Natural Horsemanship and Dressage to create a foundation based in trust, confidence, self-carriage, balance, and proper muscle conditioning, all with a light touch. She works with the owner to establish leadership and an understanding of his/her equine partner. Mary Berlauk has the experience and skill to start your horse under-saddle; to calm and quiet a nervous horse; to make a fearful or spooky horse confident; to identify and re-train problem areas; to teach your horse new skills; or to refine and polish a trained horse for sale or showing. Your training sessions may include groundwork, training rides by Mary Berlauk, or a lesson for you. Training sessions are approximately one hour in length, but the time span greatly depends on the horse. Mary Berlauk will customize her training content and schedule to suit each horse's learning style and abilities. This may mean training sessions are split into smaller time frames or combined into longer sessions, offering each horse a "Made to Order" education! Please feel free to contact Mary to discuss your training needs!

Training Sessions and Programs

Made to Order Equestrian offers a tailored approach to training. Mary Berlauk begins with a consultation to identify and define your training and riding goals. Then she evaluates your horse and works with you to develop a "Made to Order" training program to suit you, your horse, and your budget! Contact Mary today to discuss your riding and training needs: (919) 480-6705,  Below are standard guidelines for pricing. However, please inquire to discuss the right options for you and your horse! (Training Program fees are due prior to the start of services.)


Training Sessions - 45 minutes - $40 per horse

Choose one of our Training Programs to add great Savings and essential Consistency to your horse's training!  Training Programs are available in 4, 8, 12, and 16 training session packages.

For more details and pricing, please review the MTOE Rate Schedule available in the blue column on the right.


Stallion Training Programs:  We also offer Training for Stallions!  We will create a Made to Order Training Program given your Stallion's needs, age, fitness level, temperament, and discipline.  Please inquire for details and pricing.


All Training Programs include 5 miles of FREE travel to your location. Additional mileage is charged at $2.00 per mile (one-way).  Ring fees charged by the location of your training session are additional to the training program/session price.  Training packages are not transferable among multiple horses.  Please inquire for details.

Horse Shows, Sales, and Grooming

Show Coaching:  $65 per day per horse/rider combination.  ($100 minimum per day)
(Travel fees may be in addition to the listed prices.)


Pre-Show Schooling:  $50 per horse/rider combination (plus travel over 10 miles) 


Horse Purchases and Sales:  10% of purchase/sale price  ($500 minimum)


Hauling: Please Inquire. $50 minimum.  


Clipping (nose, ears, coronary band, fetlocks):  $35

Mane pulling:  $35
If you do not see the services you are seeking, just ask!!


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We want to hear from you!!  Please inquire to verify availability and pricing.  

Prices and programs listed on this website are for informational purposes only and are subject to change.  Lesson Packages and Training Programs may not be combined with any other special offers and unless otherwise noted do NOT transfer to other riders or among multiple horses.  Please inquire for details.  


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